Each BATTLE BEAR is unique in gameplay and personality. Everyone starts with Oliver but soon discover Wil, Riggs, and all the other original bears that provides an endless source of gameplay and lore. Let's dive into the first batch of heroes!

OLIVER - Soldier

Crafty, fun-loving, and always getting into trouble. A jack of all trades and a specialist in collateral damage, this all-rounder is perfect for learning the ropes. His 'Acreambo Pistols' can cause problems for enemies at all ranges, with capabilities to fire lots of bullets in quick succession, these are complimented by his powerful 'Bearzooka' Ultimate which deals massive damage and destroys obstacles. Oliver is a solid choice for all modes.

HUGGY - Huggable

Huggables seem to have extremely limited vocabularies, limited to "Hug me!", these colorful creatures are paradoxically feared for their deadly hugs. A nimble navigator and a melee specialist, this Hero excels in close combat, making his simplicity a deadly weapon. Huggy's Ultimate, So Fly, allows him to soar across large parts of the map, dealing increased damage to enemies for a short period when he lands. Moreover, Huggy's attack boosts his healing with each punch, increasing his overall resilience and recovery rate.

RIGGS - Heavy

Riggs combines the valor of Captain America and the wisdom of Jean Luc Picard as a brave and strategic leader. He's protective, knowing when to stand firm or strategically withdraw, always prioritizing his team's safety and success. Riggs's Ultimate showcases his astonishing leap and ground-smashing ability, disrupting enemies and terrain alike. Wielding his "Beebee gun," he excels in close combat, delivering a burst of shells that unleash severe damage when focused on a single target, proving lethal at short distances.

ASTORIA - Sniper

No nonsense, Astoria spares little time for Oliver and Wil's childish antics. But don't let her cold remarks and serious personality fool you, she really does care for the Battle Bears. Astoria wields a sniper rifle for long-distance attacks, dealing more damage from afar. Up close, she's vulnerable but compensates with her "Explosive Retreat" Ultimate, diving away from the action when enemies get too close.

Wil - Scout

The Chub Scout, known as the masticator of mayhem, thrives on balancing the battlefield with his insatiable appetite for destruction. Many have made the mistake of underestimating Wil, many have faced the consequences. Just ask Tillman. Wil's "Boomstick" attack launches explosive pellets that burst on impact, covering a wide area. His Ultimate, "Sarcastic Air Strike," features A.B.B.I., his mocking robot backpack, executing a devastating airstrike, raining destruction across the battlefield.

TILLMAN - Demolitions

An explosive personality with an even more explosive moveset, once a powerful enemy of the Battle Bears, Tillman has learned the power of this team the hard way. Tillman's "Blast-o-Mole" attack involves launching a robotic mole that burrows and explodes, damaging enemies within its blast zone until it vanishes. His Ultimate, "Firework Flurry," sends a series of fireworks over a targeted area, causing ongoing explosions and spreading wider with distance.

GRAHAM - Engineer

Graham, a lovable mechanic and machines expert, leverages his brains for area control and supporting his team, as well as the occasional crossword. Graham's "Photon Refractor" bounces between nearby enemies, inflicting progressively less damage with each jump. His Ultimate, "Turret Summon," allows him to deploy a gun turret from scrap, which auto-targets and fires at enemies within its vicinity.

SABERI - Medic

Saberi, the powerful healer and momma bear, commands respect and excels in support roles, making her a cherished asset to any team. Saberi's "Huggable Splicer" attack unleashes a wide spray of huggable bits in a sweeping motion, ideal for hitting multiple enemies despite its inaccuracy. She's less effective in singular, long-range confrontations. Her Ultimate, "Healing Turret," provides a healing radius for her and her teammates, excluding non-player units.

B1000 - Assault

A mysterious enemy fixated on the Battle Bears' skills, aiming to annihilate them and share their data with villains. B1000s twin functionality attack 'Slice n Bite' offers both range and melee, a powerful combo. The former, paired with his lethal Ultimate, which boasts stun capability., makes B1000 a dangerous foe on the battlefield.

BOTCH - Assassin

Botch, a bear of very few words with a mysterious past, boasts powerful radioactive powers. Known for his fearsome ranged abilities alongside swift movement speed, he's a formidable foe. Yet, his significant weakness lies in his low health. Botch's "Doom Star" acts as a boomerang, potentially dealing double damage, while his "Doom Cloud" Super unleashes a bullet-raining cloud for widespread damage.

SANCHEZ - Arbiter

Resurrected and re-engineered from near death, Sanchez is now an agility maestro. He effortlessly circles his enemies, mastering the battlefield with unmatched movement. Sanchez's "Adrenaline Gun" rapidly fires four staggered projectiles with a fast reload time. His Super, "Speed Field," creates an area that significantly boosts his and his allies' movement speed, whilst causing chaos to groups of enemies. A Brick Battle Specialist


The Necromancer is a mysterious dark wizard, the iconic villain from 2009s Battle Bears Zombies. He is an ancient huggable and is considered by some to be a god of the huggable species. The Necromancer wields a "Scythe of Death" for broad, unavoidable damage and uses his Super, "Tornado of Souls," to create a damaging tornado and summon three undead Huggables, making him a formidable presence on the battlefield.


Revived after his 'accident' during the events of Battle Bears Negative 1. Jackson won't be falling for the same trap again. More mobile than ever, he's ready to take revenge on the huggables that put him in his chair. Jackson's flamethrower attack makes enemies wish they had packed their sunscreen. Steer clear of his ultimate: Jackson charges forward leaving a trail of fire behind him, those caught in his charge will take significant damage.

NYX - Spy

A defector from the Battle Bears team, nobody knows why Nyx joined the HIP (Huggable Instrumentality Project) but her rapid rise up their ranks is well documented. This traitor is a master of deception and a knife throwing specialist. Nyx throws four knives in a direct trajectory, dealing more damage to those facing away from her (like a true spy). Her Super grants her six seconds of invisibility, ideal for retreats or ambushes, though attacking or taking damage briefly reveals her.

SWANNY - Hunter

A member of rival group, the Alpha Bears, this feared bounty hunter could track down anyone, for a significant fee. Swanny's "Tracer Rifle" tracks enemies upon impact, with less damage than Astoria's Sniper Rifle but constant tracking even in cover. His Ultimate, "Stealth Snare," sets invisible explosive traps to defend key areas, but he can only deploy one at a time.