The BATTLE BEARS franchise, established in 2009, has grown from a captivating mobile game into a comprehensive gaming ecosystem. With the launch of Battle Bears Heroes (BBH), we're redefining the original top-down shooter experience by incorporating advanced game mechanics, enhanced graphics, and blockchain technology. This venture not only aims to re-engage long-time fans but also to attract new players by offering a unique blend of nostalgia and innovation.

At its core, Battle Bears Heroes is a next-gen cross-platform PvP + PvE brawler packed with original characters and innovative game modes. BBH is more than just a game; it's a universe, a community, and a platform for innovation. It heralds a new era of "Play and Earn," where players are not merely participants but stakeholders in a vibrant, dynamic world. This world is brought to life through the familiar faces of the Battle Bears cast, now reimagined and revitalized for an epic adventure that spans both the digital and real worlds.

New Mode: Brick Battle

Brick Battle is a brand-new game mode, described by players as a fusion of well-known modes such as 'Capture the Flag' and 'Defend the Base' with an injection of lore and fun from our classic titles. Two teams of 3 compete to collect bricks from the middle of the map, taking each other out in the process. To trigger the victory countdown a team must deposit 10 or more Bricks into their cart. The game doesn't end here! Once the countdown starts, the enemy team has 15 seconds to destroy the cart, if they succeed, all of the bricks spill out of the cart and the match continues. This mode was inspired by fan edits on our Wikipedia page and created in collaboration with members of our discord. Brick Battle has shown immense potential for a strong competitive scene, we have tested the mode in various prize-backed tournaments throughout the Battle Bears Heroes soft launch. 

New Mode: Mini MOBA

Mini MOBA mode is a light-hearted, 'Battle Bears' twist on the normally hardcore MOBA formula. This MOBA was created to be accessible and fun for those not already familiar with the typical formula. Halving the complexity and duration of the mode but retaining all of the fun elements! In this 3v3 mode, two teams battle it out to destroy each other's Towers and Main Base. Players can scale up their hero level by killing other players and enemy 'Piggables' (Minions). Those looking for a serious stat boost can take on the 'Lavables', our Golem equivalent. These Lavables, inspired by Battle Bears lore, award the player a handsome health or damage boost when defeated. Players must work together to increase their collective team strength whilst also keeping a close eye on their towers. When the time is right: a full-scale attack, aided by their minions can secure them an instant victory and a handsome prize. With this game mode, we have created a MOBA that is accessible to a much larger audience than the MOBA genre usually caters for. Mini MOBA was immensely popular during our soft launch, being one of our most played game modes, despite having a larger duration than the rest of our offering.

New Mode: Battle Royale

Battle Royale, the shortest game mode in the Battle Bears Heroes catalogue, offers instant action! After spawning into one of our large maps, players must compete for loot. Eliminations happen quickly and shying away from Battle is not recommended, if you strengthen your hero quickly you will be a very easy target. Players looking to strengthen can either destroy power boxes to receive a singular buff or instead defeat another player to steal all of their boosts. Different Heroes require very different strategies in this mode so don't be surprised if you see Astoria (Sniper) lurking around the deathzone edge whilst Riggs (Heavy) is getting stuck into the main action. Throughout our soft-launch, we ran 500+ Battle Royale mini-tournaments with some players competing in these daily!

New Mode: Deathmatch

Deathmatch is a familiar dose of mayhem and destruction. Inspired by the hugely popular mode in BB Heroes' predecessor Battle Bears Gold. This mode rewards eliminations, taking out an enemy will earn the player's team a small amount of points. Players who achieve multiple eliminations in a short period will achieve even greater points rewards. Finally, the revenge mechanic: take out a player who has just killed your teammate and you can reclaim their points, this mechanic allows for awesome comeback victories. Like all modes in BB Heroes, Deathmatch has a win condition and isn't simply time-based: achieve 100 points for your team and start the victory countdown! Similar to in Brick Battle, the enemy team has a short window to prevent your victory. Deathmatch is the perfect mode for those who love the core elimination mechanics of our game.

PvE Campaign

Campaign Mode is a recreation of the 2011 smash hit 'Battle Bears -1'. This iconic story has been reinvented to match the new gameplay style and camera perspective of Battle Bears Heroes. A combination of nostalgia and new mechanics, this mode is designed to re-engage the legacy fanbase and remind them of why they love Battle Bears. The Campaign takes the classic cutscenes from classic Battle Bears games and pairs them with exciting new mechanics, powerups and Boss Fights. Throughout our beta testing and soft launch periods we received highly positive feedback from both returning and new fans. The long-term goal of the campaign is to expand the Battle Bears lore beyond its current foundations. Every Character in BB Heroes deserves their own Campaign! 

We're working on several new modes to be released in upcoming seasons. 

Checkout our HEROES page to learn more about all the heroes!