BattleCoin ($BATTLE) our native token, is intricately woven into the fabric of BBH’s gameplay. It serves as the cornerstone of our economic model, ensuring continuous demand through its multifaceted utility. From purchasing exclusive in-game items to entering PvP battles, $BATTLE’s integration creates a vibrant economic loop that keeps players engaged and incentivizes continuous participation. More details available in our Investors Deck here.

Monetization Loops Inspired by Free-to-Play Models

BBH adopts successful monetization strategies from the free-to-play sector, such as battle passes and in-game upgrades, while integrating them within a web3 framework. This approach not only generates revenue to support ongoing development but also helps regulate token circulation, ensuring the long-term stability of our in-game economy.

NFT Integration

A significant portion of BBH’s rewards system is based on NFTs, which are pivotal to player progression and have inherent value within the game’s ecosystem. As the player base grows, so does the value of these NFTs, creating a dynamic market that reflects the evolving game world.

Progression-Driven Rewards

BBH’s economy fosters a direct correlation between player investment and rewards. Whether through time, skill, or financial investment, players are encouraged to progress within the game. This model creates a closed loop where players seek out $BATTLE tokens to advance, ensuring a healthy circulation that supports the game’s economy.

Implementing the Vision in BBH

BBH’s economy is designed to be open and self-regulating, creating a rich tapestry of motivations and opportunities for players. The absence of a pay-to-win model means that success within BBH is based on skill, strategy, and participation, rather than financial investment alone.

PvP and Incentives for our Creator Program

The use of $BATTLE to incentivize PvP competition and the recruitment of new players is central to our strategy. By rewarding players for engaging in PvP, hosting busy lobbies, and bringing in active new players, we aim to enhance core KPIs such as concurrent users, daily active users , and the viral coefficient.

Utilization and Circulation of $BATTLE

In-game, $BATTLE is used to access exclusive items, participate in special events, and convert to Gas Cans for various purchases. Outside the game, players can trade $BATTLE on the Immutable network, fostering an economy that extends beyond BBH itself. The token’s utility in future Battle games and its role in recruiting active users further enriches its value and circulation within our ecosystem.

Earning Opportunities for All Players

BBH is committed to providing equal opportunities for all players, regardless of their financial investment. Non-paying players can earn through skill and participation, hunting for rare NFTs, and contributing to the community. Our ecosystem is designed to support professional players and enthusiasts alike, creating a vibrant, competitive landscape where anyone can succeed.

More details to come!